Me and my grandson Caleb, my "CEO," the real reason why I do what I do.  I've been completely blessed having this little man in my life.

I first want to thank you for taking the time and checking us out.  You could easily shop (and I hope you have compared) the local retailers, but you now have a choice.  Why not get the best Murphy bed built especially for you and your home for hundreds less? 

Recently, I've had two clients who found me right here on the web.  Each of them purchased Murphy beds--One was a very expensive Italian bed (Don't tell, but it was $6,000!!!) and the other was a Murphy bed offered by Costco for less than $2,000.  Both were made from laminated melamine and nobody was available to build and install their beds.  I did it for each of them. 

We use only the best piston-style mechanism by Create-A-Bed with a 10-year guarantee.  I personally will guarantee each one of my custom-made Murphy beds for lifetime. 

I enjoy creating each and every one.  No bed is the same.  And every bed has a story behind it.  Got an idea for one?  Try me.  If you have a picture of what you want, I can probably create it just for you.

What is your story?

Let's make it happen.

Suite Dreams!

Thank you,

John Thornton


p.s.  And stay tuned to see ourversion of

the Tiny Homes Revolution.  Coming soon!